The Team

// The Team

So... you want to know who we are and why we love RDSF? 

Well, its a good job you clicked on the heading then, now take a seat and let me tell you! 

Firstly the team is made of 4 of us, each bringing our own skills and attributes to the table with a very healthy dose of enthusiasm. 

So who are we? 

Firstly, lets introduce Morag, She is the only lady on the team and certainly deserves to go first - she keeps the rest of us boys right for sure! 

Morag is married to Tony and they live in Aboyne with their two daughters and she also works in the local primary school as a teacher (now can you see how she keeps us right?).

Funnily enough, she didn't really start off as a car person - but now drives a "fairly heavily" modified Mini Cooper Clubman. Sitting super low on a nice set of coilovers and sounding angrier than a grizzly bear with its head stuck in a beehive she has quickly fallen in love with the fat-bottomed Clubman and is looking forward to welcoming many more modified cars to the Festival. 

Morag took 4 attempts to pass her driving test, but on reflection she has decided that this fact actually makes her the best driver of the team as she has had the most lessons!!

What Morag has to say about the event...

"My aim for the Royal Deeside Speed Festival is to make it a really fun, family friendly day out with plenty to do not just for the petrolheads but for their long-suffering partners and families too.  So, I tend to leave the car stuff to the boys and my role is to organise the attractions, caterers and the local producers market, to celebrate the fabulous food, drink and crafts that Deeside has to offer and to give everybody plenty to see and do."

Next up we have Tony, He's Morag's husband and like the rest of us, he does what she says too! 

Tony is 39 years old, and is one of the founding partners of the Royal Deeside Speed Festival. Now into his 5th year of organising a ‘motoring-related family day’, Tony relishes the opportunity to build on the good stuff and bring new and exciting attractions to Deeside. 

Over the years Tony has owned a number of cars; sometimes struggling to settle on any one for any length of time! However, most people who know him will think of Lotus. Tony has been lucky enough to own 6 of them - showing a real love for the brand. For 2018 he will once again be in a new model - the fearsome and limited edition Evora GT430!

What Tony has to say about the event...

"Organising RDSF is basically 12 months in the making, and a lot happens during the winter season to get us ready for the Event. It’s exhausting but rewarding – we enjoy the day out as much as the next family – and it’s great for Deeside to have something different like this on the calendar to compliment the other fantastic venues and events which the area has to offer. My personal highlight of the Event is the Soapbox Derby!

Getting to work on RDSF with Morag is brilliant.... We have a totally different approach and I think we work well together. And also getting to work with Martin and Hamish is great fun too. Both bring something fresh and exciting to the Event and the 4 of us share a common bond and goal in what we want to achieve".

Next we have retired bobby and rally driving extraordinaire, Martin: 

Martin grew up in Finzean, Aberdeenshire around stories of the exploits of his grandparents racing and rallying and learned from his dad how to service the family Minis and Cortinas. It seems strange that these are now classic cars, but the seed was sown and a thirst to know how mechanical things worked was well and truly ingrained.

Never one to shy away from of a bag of spanners, Martin built his first car at 13 years old, a very decrepit Mini which led to many other Minis and a number of subsequent rally car builds.  Favourite was a 1964 Mk1 Morris Cooper S which was successfully campaigned in the Scottish Historic Rally Championship with his dad in the co-drivers seat. The pair came second in the championship two years running.

This eventually led to the build of a new MINI Cooper S when the new MINI's first came out. Martin campaigns this in tarmac rallies on events ranging from The Mull Rally, Jim Clark Rally and many rallies on the Isle of Man amongst others.

In between rallying, Martin spent 30 challenging years in Grampian Police and Police Scotland in a variety of roles ranging from Authorised Firearms Officer to Detective and Local Policing Sergeant to latterly running the Force Events Planning Unit and working within the Royalty and VIP Planning Unit.

Martin retired from the Police in 2016 and alongside being part of the Royal Deeside Speed Festival planning team, he assists his wife Claire in the running of their family business Deeside Classic Campers.

Married with two daughters, both girls are already following him into's going to get expensive!

And finally we have Hamish - or as we like to think of him as the "James May" of the team:

Obsessive but with a clear sense of humour for everything to do with petrol firmly filling up the space between his proud lugs. Originally from Glasgow Hamish believe it or not used to be a punk but then developed a feeding frenzy on all forms automotive that has seen him get through a remarkable amount of four wheeled machinery so that there is not much he does not know when it comes to what makes them fun. Driving is key to him rather than the pose value although that’s not to say you will not find him driving something nice with his holy jeans and beat up trainers on!

Over the years though Hamish has been quite handy having restored a very unique but slow (??) split screen VW camper that he recently sold at auction for a record price. Currently Hamish is restoring another flat four wonder with that being a rare Group A replica Subaru Impreza and is a keen member of the Caterham Club with a new 620R on order.

On the more serious side Hamish is a Chartered Marine Engineer with a background in Naval Architecture although somehow he has ended up assuring the Integrity of the non-floating fixed brown things you find in the North Sea.

Local to Banchory Hamish brings his experience from the multitude of high end car events he has attended over the years and we hope that with him joining the team his influence will complement what has already been set by the rest of the guys so you all have a fantastic event.

If you see him please feel free to have a chat as believe it or not he does have a good nak of speaking of things other than cars that being mainly his daughters passion for horses where the 4 legged ‘wonders’ latter scare him and his sons unhealthy obsession for .. cars – oh!